Future of Product Development

We want to create something new and understand the future needs of product development. Only in this way can we be the best experts.

The way of product development organizations to create services and software will change radically in the coming years.

Future of Product Development – a series of events

We organize the Future of Product Development event on an annual basis There we deal with product development and new trends as inter-disciplinarily as possible. We are looking for companies and stories, for other companies to get ideas to develop their operations further. We strive more for tested practices than mere ideological visions.

The event series has already grown popular among Finnish companies conducting product development. Our aim is to provide for participants, every year, a variety of perspectives on the improvement of product development.

Future of Product Development Workshop Series

The Future of Product Development began in 2014, when we thought about how we could help product development organizations’ management to develop their organizations to prepare for future needs. We built the workshop series, in which we look at product development from different perspectives. As a result of each workshop we will create a few key frameworks for the development of product development.

We choose the participants of the workshop series. 4-5 persons each from a different companies are chosen to participate. We want to create a group where issues can be discussed as openly as possible and confidentially. Only in this way, we are able to tackle the real challenges of product development and possible solutions.

We organize the workshop series twice a year and their duration is about 4-5 months. We organize series also outside of Helsinki. We have organized them e.g. in Tampere and Jyväskylä as well as other cities.
If you are interested in participating, please contact henri.hamalainen@contribyte.fi.

Other Future of Product Development activities

We organize many other activities for our customers under the Future of Product Development theme. We have Communities of Practice events for Scrum Masters, Product Owners and product managers.

In addition, we organize a Future of Product Development Club where we continue the support for those who have gone through the workshop series as well as the TuTe service customers with issues important to the product development of the future.

We organize webinars irregularly, breakfast seminars, and other events around the theme of Future of Product Development.

Future of Product Development workshops for companies

We organize Future of Product Development workshops for individual companies for team building days or other purposes on request. These deal with our thesis in the Future of Product Development.

For Example, we have organized half day workshops for the team building days of management, where the team has tackled thesis separately and found areas of improvement in their organizations based on the thesis.

Future of Product Development continuous services for companies

We offer companies with Future of Product Development Services continuously as services billed monthly. You can combine different services from us under the same contract. Companies are able to focus on their own product development and we take care that they have what is necessary for creating the knowledge, skills and tools.

Several companies have ordered from us, for example, agile teams, training, and tools suitable for agile development. We can provide these services at the same time with a monthly billed contract model. The customer can change the services they have purchased on a monthly basis within the framework of the agreement. This service has been in great demand.

Read more in our provision of continuous services in the Future of Product Development.

Contribyte Theses for the Future of Product Development

Contribyten Teesit Tulevaisuuden Tuotekehitykselle

Avoid making bad recruitment decisions, those have devastating impact on the quality.

Capital flows should support the made decisions.

Create an environment with culture of openness.

Empower the people with related expertise to make the decisions.

Make the most of fast feedback cycles.

Enable further development of existing assets.

Support self-motivated learning of personnel.

Don’t forget the R in RnD – innovate and do research to create new business.

Reduce Testing – Build Quality.

Each organization will learn how to create software and digital solutions for their own customers.

Future of Product Development LinkedIn group

The Future of Product Development will also be discussed on LinkedIn. It is an open group, which you can join to discuss the issues important to the future of product development and share links with all interested.

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