We have mapped the best product development
management tools for you!

We have mapped the best product development management tools for you!

We are an independent supplier of tools – these tools are requested from us the most!

Now, development tools and related services as a continuous service!

Future of Product Development Tools -service

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IBM Rational

Muut Työkalut

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Service Contents


A service maintained by tool professionals

Continuous monitoring and development

Maintenance plan

Customizing the service according to customer needs

Automatic monitoring

Updating applications

9-17 Service Team

Jira Service Desk for customers

Email and phone customer support

Free license management service

Contribyte user group info

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Virtual server for the applications in Finland


Response time promise

Availability promise


Future of Product Development -service

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We get organizations to take advantage of their full potential in developing digital solutions and products.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions!

FAQ: What is the TuTe Tools service?

Future of Product Development Tools is a customizable maintenance service contract to ensure your desired level of service cost efficiently for your tools. Different parts of the service can be customized as needed.

You can define the contents of the service package from the service components below. Differing from other packages on the market, you can create your own service for your needs.

The Future of Product Development Tools service can be used for all the tools represented by us as well as some other systems.

Determine the components of your service.

FAQ: Tool service description

The Future of Product Development Tool Service consists of modular sections. The service can be constructed from for subsections:


Application maintenance service offers a comprehensive range of applications that is sure to work and contains all the necessary parts for the DevOps area.

The maintenance service can cover either services running on the company’s own servers or services from the TuTe services. Apps run 24/7. Correcting malfunctions will be done according to the framework of the support service contract.

The basic level of functionality is ensured with a daily virtual server snapshot once a day seven days a week. Additional services include more comprehensive options such as database checks, automatic returns to the testing environment, and delivery of security packages.


The support services ensure cost efficient and sufficient aid for users and fixing of possible malfunctions.

The service SLA (Service Level Agreement) level can be determined accurately to the desired level. At a basic level, the service includes Online Service Desk 9-17 EET.

Additional options extend as follows:

– Extended service time, up to 24/7

– Shorter response times: the answer and / or resolution time

– Email and phone customer support

– Designated support personnel


With the licensing service, you can manage all the applications in the TuTe service at once. The service covers renewal of maintenance licenses, additional purchases, reports of license usage and license number optimization. Licenses will be billed either individually or as part of the COS services, depending on the service requirements.

The consulting service offers its customers a preemptive and well planned model for the efficient use and development of services in the TuTe Tools Service. We have packaged the most frequently used services:

– Tute Tools Service implementation

– Integration

– Training


In the model of continuous development, the customer development need is determined at an annual level and is packaged as monthly working hours which will be used according to the customer’s prioritization by developing the areas deemed most important every time.

The service also includes a framework for possible larger development projects. The framework ensures a price level and availability for more demanding and unexpected needs. The TuTe Tools consultancy service can include all the fields available from Contribyte: Process evaluation and improvement, portfolio, needs, and testing management, automation, tool and process training as well as others.

FAQ: What kind of experience do you have of running services?

Contribyte has, in its existence, administered large services with more than 1000 users.

Even now we have dozens of service customers and develop our services continuously.

We have been working with product development tools from our establishment since 2006.

FAQ: What is the difference between service and Future of Product Development Service and Future of Product Development Tools Service

The Future of Product Development Service packages together all Contribyte services from training, consultation, and change projects to tool administration and licensing. The Future of Product Development can include the The Future of Product Development Tools service.

The Future of Product Development Tools service is centered at product development tools and their administration.

FAQ: Do you offer service in English?

Yes, we offer comprehensive support services for both Finnish and English, so you are not left stranded!

User support, administration support, as well as contact with the releaser of the tool is handled by us.

FAQ: Is Contribyte COS the same as the Future of Product Development Tools
Yes, we made the service name change in early 2017. This way, it better fits our Future of Product Development brand. Terms of services for previously purchased services remain the same.

We work with all the Gartner ALM Magic Quadrant leader products!

Työkalujen konsultointipalvelut

Consulting services of tools

We know our product development tools. We represent the best tools on the market for managing product development.

We take care of the tools’:

  • Installations
  • Integrations
  • Version purchases
  • Customization and development
  • Plugin installation

Here are the tools we represent and for which we can offer services

We are not just a tool supplier. We also know the most effective methods of product development management tools and how to support effective product development with those tools!

Atlassian training

Confluence management and administration training

Jira Software

Jira Basics and Reporting

Many of our customers have combined Agile methods as Scrum and Kanban to the tool trainings. Our training services give you the possibility to tailor the training programs to your needs!

VersionOne, IBM Rational, Git and other tools

VersionOne Foundations  - V1 for teams

VersionOne for Product Owner

GIT & Bitbucket


IBM Rational DOORS for Requirements Management

Many customers have asked us to help with agile requirements management. We've combined tools and requirements management best practices to the same tailored training programs.

You always save money with our help in licensing costs!


  • All the licenses from the products we represent readily available through us.
  • We will help you choose just the right number of licenses, so you pay for only what you need
  • We make sure also that your licenses are renewed on time


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