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Tool Service – Service Description


Contribyte Tool Service is modular. The service is made up of four key parts. The content is built specifically for each customer and they can adjust and modify according to their liking.  Some of our customers prefer a light composition, which is comparable to Cloud services. In other cases, customers want help in actively improving their tools. The service includes active improvement by us, playbook guides and even sparring. Adjustments and modifications can be made. Changes can even be made once a month or upon budget changes.

Contribyte Tool Service is available for all Contribyte supported products. The most popular products are Atlassian Jira, Confluence, ServiceDesk, VersionOne, IBM Rational, Azure DevOps, GitHub and GitLab


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  1. Application Maintenance

The service offers a vast application environment, which is operational and includes all the required parts for the DevOps field.

You can choose between two options when it comes to application maintenance service. It can be hosted in the company’s own server environment or use the tool service’s own server capacity. All applications should work 24/7 with some exceptions. In the occurrence of technical issues, they will be fixed within the support service agreement. 

The basic level confirmation is done through a virtual server on snapshot once a day for seven days. Additional comprehensive services are available: database confirmations, automatic returns for test environments, confirmation packages. 

2. Support Service 

Support Services ensure the company adequate and efficient help to assist users and fix possible issues.

The Service’s SLA (Service Level Agreement) level can be precisely determined to the wanted level. The basic level includes Online Service Desk 9-17 EET.

The service can be broadened with additional extensions:

– Extended service time, all the way up to 24/7
– shorter response times: response and/or resolution
– Email and/or Phone support
– Assigned support personnel

3. Licensing Services

With the help of licensing services you control all the licenses within your tool service environment at once. The service covers the renewals of license updates, additional acquisitions, reporting and optimization of license usage and amount. Licenses are charged either separately or as part of the service depending on need or situation. 

4. Consultation Service

Consultation service offers customers a predictable and systematic model for efficient utilization and improvement of tool services. We have assembled our most used services into packages.

– Contribyte Tools Service adaptation
– Integration
– Trainings

Within the continuous model, the customer’s need for improvements are set on a yearly level, which is further set into a division of hours. The most important tasks are prioritized and done according to customer needs and within their respective working hours.

The service includes a yearly consultation work in case of possible larger improvement work. With the master agreement the price level and availability are determined for even the most dire needs. Consultation services include all available Contribyte consultation areas: processing evaluation and improvement, portfolio demand and testing management, automatizations, tools and method trainings. Even more services are available.  

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