Contribyte Case Story: Reform of Bisnode Processes using Atlassian products

Reform of Bisnode Processes: production and standardization of sales processes, harnessing the Atlassian Jira system to meet demands.

“No one at Bisnode wants to go back to the time before Jira. The entire staff feels that the system has made life better. Even the finance department. ”

Matti Rahikka

R&D Director, Bisnode


Bisnode is a leading manufacturer of processed digital business information in Europe. It offers research-based credit information to help sales, marketing and strategic business decision-making.

Bisnode and Contribyte have worked together since 2014


With several acquisitions, Bisnode noticed harmonization needs especially in customer service monitoring and development. The company’s ERP system was also in need of renewal for automation and streamlining processes.


Based on its survey Contribyte Bisnode helped standardize the production and sales processes as well as develop their systems to better meet the needs of different teams. With the help of Contribyte, Bisnode expanded their Atlassian and Jira systems use to better correspond to the enterprise resource management needs. The customer management system was reformed, and the service request process was developed to be ticket-based. Jira made the operations more transparent and processes were able to be followed from beginning to end.


The reforms clarified all the processes at Bisnode. Thanks to Jira, the speed of customer service and its efficiency have increased considerably and the decrease of manual work has increased employee motivation. The simplification of processes and work management is visible to the customer in the form of faster delivery times. The reforms have enabled more effective monitoring and management of the Bisnode’s own resources. Cooperation between Bisnode and Contribyte will remain intense, so that all the development needs of the future can be reacted to flexibly and effectively with the continuous service model.

Bisnode has grown in recent years into Europe's leading provider of business intelligence

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