Case Story: the introduction of Flashnode Atlassian services

Improving Flashnode product development to achieve transparency, the creation of a service desk, obtaining better tools for documentation and code, document and portfolio management.


Flashnode offers integration services between systems for example for online stores, accounting, and payment processing. It has over ten years of experience in integrations, and it supports 90% of all systems.

Flashnode is one of Finland's most promising startups.


Flashnode wanted to improve its product development activities in order to become more transparent. It was in need of better tools for documentation and code, document management, and portfolio management. In addition, they wanted to set up a service desk that will allow it to better serve and help its clients.


After identifying the needs using workshops and interviews, Contribyte decided to recommend Flashnode Atlassian products: Atlassian Jira and Confluence. This product package contained all the features required by Flashnode and was cost efficient and easily scalable according to needs. Contribyte also helped them to optimize their working habits to suit Atlassian products.


With Atlassian Jira and other Atlassian tools, Flashnode’s operations became more transparent, the number of reporting relationships has decreased, and customer service has improved. Since Contribyte took care of the introduction and optimization tools, Flashnode was able to concentrate on serving their customers during the change. Contribyte also takes care of the maintenance of the services, so Flashnode can continue to focus on their core competencies.

Even Flashnode relies on Atlassian products for its development.

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