Case Story: Supporting R&D growth of Paytrail

Paytrail grew rapidly from a startup to a major player of the industry in Finland. They wanted to get outside help in order to keep the company operational and agile and, at the same time, preparing for still greater growth.

“Contribyte offered us the latest research as well as, from other companies, real-life experience, which encouraged belief in decision making.

The project activities contribute to the overall efficiency of the staff and customer satisfaction has increased considerably ”

Markus Laurio

CEO, Paytrail


Paytrail is a pioneer in the Finnish online payments, the service is suitable for all online payment transactions, and covers all forms of payment. Paytrail handles the payments of over 10.00 online stores and is a part of the Nets Group. Already, there are more than 100 000 Paytrail account users and the number of users is increasing rapidly.

Paytrail offices are in Jyväskylä, Finland. Nets Group operates in Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia

Contribyte and Paytrail have worked together since 2014,


Paytrail wanted to transfer its operations to the next level, delivering value to customers and to maintain the same agility. Development projects were in progress, but the company wished an outside view of whether they are correct and if attention was being given to the right areas. Paytrail was in need of know-how and the tools to follow the development of the projects and to measure their achievement.


Contribyte Assesment analyzed the most important functions Paytrail. Existing development projects were reviewed and prioritized. R&D needs were mapped using status interviews both in terms of technical development and sales. With Contribyte, the R&D of Paytrail was reorganized into smaller teams and the portfolio management was made more agile. Testing and product development were improved as a whole. Monitoring and prioritization of the project used methodologies and models offered by Contribyte.


Through the reforms, the efficiency of the whole product development at Paytrail has increased. The teams were divided into developers of new projects, as well as administrators, which means that both will be able to concentrate on their own tasks. The maintenance team is now able to respond effectively to the customer’s point of view on important developments. Throughput times have been improved, and more code changes have been able to be made thanbefore.

Thanks to the reforms, both customer and staff satisfaction has increased and the same resources have given much more output. Paytrail has had time to develop new tools. After the project Paytrail now understands their own delivery capability better and continues to evolve with the Contribyte model.

Paytrail turnover has increased to several fold in 2014 after the cooperation started.

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