Agile, Lean & SAFe Coaching

We get organizations to take advantage of their full potential in developing digital solutions and products.

Team coaching

We train R&D teams get the maximum practical benefits of Scrum and Kanban.

SAFe adoption programs

We help companies adopt the SAFe framework in practice.

Sparring of Product Development

Continuous sparring and development of the management and directors of product development.

Facilitation of successful PI Planning

Facilitating the PI-design of SAFe-model as a service


We bring experience from more than 300
companies and the views of all the major methodologies.

Team Coaching

Our coaching methods ensure that the teams understand their environments and technologies best. Therefore, we want to listen to and understand their specific operating environment and its strengths and limitations. We bring experience and insight from other companies, as well as the most important principles in the field.

We believe in our continuity in team coaching. We try to make coaching that lasts for at least 3 months. Our coach participates on average one day per week in the activities of the team organizing workshops and training sessions. A longer period of time ensures that the agreed areas of improvement will be improved and become common practice.

Coaching is always done according to the needs of the team. Often, the topics are: the strengthening of Kanban, increasing customer understanding, agile requirements management, efficient use Atlassian tools, improved time management, effective team work and improve stakeholder cooperation.

SAFe adoption programs

The role of software companies is constantly increasing and product development organizations are increasing in size. Many companies are choosing to adopt the Scaled Agile Framework organizational structure, which can be used to manage larger R&D entireties.

 We have been working to support several Finnish companies in SAFe changes. One of the most visible has been the transition from Samlink  to the SAFe model. You can get help for both trainings, PI planning day arrangements, as well as longer organization trainings. We have tailored the SAFe model to fit new organizations in their specific working environments.

Our strength is that we are familiar with Scaled Agile Framework all the way from establishment, but we are not solely committed to it. We know how to bring the best methods also from the outside to support a successful change in the organization.

Sparring of Product Development


Product development organizations are challenging to manage. Our product development is often requires operative efficiency, long term quality, and innovative development of new ideas. When we add to this fact that the basis for a good organization is happy employees, the management of product development is very challenging.


We are providing R & D organizations, management teams and team leaders continuous sparring. In this sparring will help lead product development to maintain the organization’s development plan and vision. We help product development lead to free themselves from the daily operational challenges and to develop and take a look at the overall picture more widely.

Our business is to help organizations become better. There is no hidden agenda to sell anything else.

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