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Future of Product Development Service

Future of Product Development -service

You will get everything you need for maintaining and improving product development expertise under one contract, at a fixed monthly price!

Fixed monthly fee

1 contract


1 month notice period

The Product Development Service of the future combines all product development services

Agile, Lean, SAFe coaching

We help organizations with agile scalability projects and we coach teams on using agile methods.

Product development training

A wide range of product development training and coaching programs. Trainings for Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe, as well as other interesting tools.

Product development assessment

We thoroughly examine the current state of your product development and create a concrete plan for the development of R&D.

Future of Product Development - tools and licenses for R&D

Essential tools for product development optimization, development and licenses: VersionOne, Atlassian, IBM, Microsoft TFS, LeanKit, Git, Confluence and many others.

Development of product and portfolio management

Making product and portfolio management more agile and creating innovation models. We offer tools and operational models for the development of the organization.


We have experts for the most important roles in product development: SAFe Change Consultants, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches

Future of Product Development

Sparring organizations on future product development through events and series of workshops, as well as through training programs.

We get organizations to take advantage
of their full potential in developing digital solutions and products.

Practical challenges in organizations

  • No time for developmental activities
  • Obtaining the required broad competence base for development internally is expensive
  • The training and integration of new people is difficult
  • Not all the benefits are being extracted from product development tools, e.g. JIRA and Confluence do not have sharing enabled
  • Other parts of the organization cannot keep up with agile teams
  • R&D for the development of the organization lacks a direction
  • Agility is just a buzz word, not a real mode of operation
  • Bugs can be found even if the teams say they are acting agile

Many organizations live only in a reactive model, in which development targets are identified on an ongoing basis, but never implemented in practice. These challenges are helped by an external consultant, who can constantly spar the organization forward.

can offer more diverse services than an internal Agile Coach for just a portion of the
total cost.

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Dozens of companies have already outsourced the maintenance and development of their product development capabilities to us. Why don’t you too?

Successful product organization

Successful product organization

A successful product organization is based on five areas: operational efficiency, subjective and objective quality, understanding business and customer needs, the happiness of employees and vigilant sustainability.

Operational efficiency should be composed of Agile and Lean practices. These include the building of quality during the making, suitable size deliveries, continuous integration, and continuous learning and feedback. The methods used will depend on the product and the market.

Subjective and objective quality consists of customer experience and the technical quality of the product. Quality is built through good practices starting at the level of a single person and is affected by the cooperative actions of different teams and people.

Business and customer oriented development is a cornerstone of product development. The goal of product development is to create a profitable business for the organization. This means understanding markets and customers, and making this understanding visible for the employees making the products. This subsection includes the ability to innovate new product, marketing and sales models.

The happiness of employees is the least highlighted cornerstone of product development. Happy people are proven to be more efficient and come up with better solutions. Good practices, working teams, suitable self-guidance and motivating goals are examples of this subsection.

Vigilant sustainability means the organization's ability to create long-term sustainable business models with changing markets, customer needs, technology and staff. The organization must understand trends and be able to respond to a change in the real market or customer needs without forgetting the existing client base, the existing technology, and the maintenance and development of staff skills. Perseverance and vigilance are key in all these four areas.

Organizations operate guided by culture, practices and tools. R&D organizations work most effectively when the culture, business models, and tools guide the organization towards a balanced and effective product development.

Let us take care of your product development maintenance and development capability.

Staying still is not enough!

  • Digitalization will bring software development into all the company’s operations
  • Software development should be an integral part of service development
  • IoT will change the company’s internal operating models significantly
  • The market demands more agile development and a testing culture must be built into operating models and organization structures.
  • Product development will become rusty if it is not constantly maintained.

Organizations must constantly evolve to keep up with the development of the market involved. Only the most developed organizations get ahead of others.

Product development deteriorates if it is not constantly maintained and further developed.

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