Efficient product management is to understand the market and customer needs and communicating that information to product development.

Contribyte provides you with product management services, tools, and skills development. Success stories arise only in companies that have deep appreciation for the needs of customers and markets.

Development of Product Management

Help for product projects

Training and skills development

From idea to new business programs

We have several decades of experience in product management

Do you wonder how a 10-year-old company can be many times more experienced in product management?  Read the whole story here ( In Finnish).

Development of Product Management

Do you feel that you are missing the best practices of product management? That things are done according to the situation and always in their own new way?

The biggest difference between product management and project work is continuity. Often, however, the result is reactive and unplanned. Good product management requires continuous monitoring of customers and the market, the strategy, as well as product planning based on customer feedback and up to date product marketing. Informed decision-making requires continuous monitoring and analysis of key figures. Working practices, methods and tools must be maintained, so that the best result is possible.

Contribyte helps companies assess the current state of product management and development sites, to determine the correct work methods and find the most appropriate tools.

Help for product projects

Need help understanding customer needs, concept design or launching a new product? Or temporary resources during maternity or sick leave?

Contribyte experts have long experience in product management work. We are able to jump to different projects with established models and tools producing value from day one. And best of all, at the same time when you will receive external assistance to momentary needs, you will also get new ideas for tools and methods that are used in modern product management.

You can get our help as an hourly or project model as well as a continuous service.

Training and skills development

The change in business environments is accelerating and competition is becoming tighter. Product managers and product management must work with new perspectives, skills, and understanding from practice.

In open training sessions, you will hear the latest success stories, upgrade your skills, and network with other product managers. As a farewell present, you will leave with a package of tools helping you improve your own work efficiency.

Company specific training sessions help you develop a professional team, organization, and a common language and practices. At the same time you will resolve product management and product project challenges.

In networking events, group trainings, and mentoring, you can deepen our understanding in more specific areas of improvement and concentrate on achieving your personal goals.

From idea to new business -Programs

Product development is already operating with agility, but the “from idea to business” path is a heavy, complicated and far too long.

Do you recognize the following challenges:
• Good ideas are not highlighted
• Ideas are too technical, the customer’s voice is not heard
• Ideas cannot be managed in any way

From idea to business -programs help the product development to innovate, develop new capabilities and improve internal networking with product management and sales.

The program allows:
• Refining ideas for the overall concepts, services and product candidates
• Learning new effective methods to evaluate the potential of commercializing ideas.
• Implement agile processes for management of ideas at different levels of maturity

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