GIT & Bitbucket


GIT & Bitbucket

We offer a wide range of Git courses ranging from basic to advanced user groups. The training content is adjusted based on the prior knowledge of the participants.Typically it covers every-day operations and discussion about best practices for them. We discuss about branching practices and look at hands-on examples and case stories from real projects. The training can also cover Pull requests and using them for code review, or include best practices for working with CI-build and DevOps-processes.

Skills learned

  1. You will know the basic functionality of GIT
  2. You will know principles and best practices of parallel development
  3. You will be able to design and develop version control practices in your team

Example of the agenda

  • Introduction
  • »Version Control in general
  • »Git concepts & Distributed SCM
  • Basic workflow
  • »Making code changes and committing them
  • »File operations
  • Troubleshooting
  • »Quick survival guide
  • »A deep(er) dive into GIT principles
  • Branching strategies
  • »Git FLOW
  • »Working practices and examples
  • Merging Conflicts
  • »Conflicting changes and resolving those
  • Pull requests and code review
  • »Using pull request
  • »Best practices
  • Making Releases
  • »Principles and industry standard practices
  • »Tagging and Branching

For whom

The training is primarily aimed at experienced developers, who do not have extensive knowledge of Git. Based on audience, it can be aimed at new Git users with little experience from software development.

This training is also recommended for whole teams wanting adjust and improve their version control and software development practices.


This training is in English or Finnish. Training material is always in English.

In addition, we offer advanced Git -training, which can be customized further to meet the need of the intended audience.

Company specific

  • Place you select
  • Day you choose
  • 1 Day


  • Place you select
  • Day you choose
  • Agenda modified to your needs

Tailor or combine to training program

  • You choose the date and places
  • You can combine other trainings as you choose
  • We’ll tailor the courses for your needs

Request tailoring or ask for more information

Panu Ravolainen – 040 759 3626

Timo Leppä – 0400 924 830

Organization specific training request - GIT & BITBUCKET

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