Scaling Agile Successfully

Scaling Agile Successfully

Lean and Agile are the main principles largely when it comes to extending the agility of large organizations. In order for agile practices to be extended to the entire organization, the whole organization must work well together.

The Scaling Agile Successfully course includes the necessary practices and principles at different levels of the organization (team, management, and portfolio), so that the common agile development benefits can be brought to the whole organization. The course highlights the models and the agility to scale through value stream management and agile portfolio management and delivery of customer value.

The first part of the course focuses on the participants to answer the questions “What” and “Why” things are done. The afternoon tackles on good practices and on how organizational agility can be created.


  • Introduction scaling agility
  • Lean and Agile values
  • Scaling core ideas
  • Production and delivery of value
  • Building an agile portfolio
  • Lean-Agile management
  • Practical ways of scaling agility

To whom

This course is intended for: business management, supervisors, architects and internal change agents.

We can tailor the training needs of the customer e.g. Larger / smaller groups or combined with the contents of another course, so feel free to ask for more!


This training will be held in Finnish / English.

Open course

  • Helsinki/Turku, Finland
  • 1 day training
  • Next open courses can be found from webstore.

Company specific

  • Place you select
  • Day you choose
  • 1 Day


  • Place you select
  • Day you choose
  • Agenda modified to your needs

Tailor or combine to training program

  • You choose the date and places
  • You can combine other trainings as you choose
  • We’ll tailor the courses for your needs

Request tailoring or ask more information!

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