Contribyte Purchases the Business Operations of Prodman

Feb 2, 2017

Customer and market insight, business competence, and the guidance of the product development team in doing the right things are increasingly important in all companies that produce products and services. Contribyte strengthens its knowledge of these areas of expertise by purchasing the business operations of Prodman. When Prodman and Contribyte merge, an even stronger service provider, which will comprehensively develop the digital product and service business, will be created.

“Our strong competence in the development of product development and the maximization of customer value will be very nicely complemented by Prodman’s strong competence in product management,” says Henri Hämäläinen, the CEO of Contribyte. “Service design, customer experience, and portfolio management models have been one of our most sought-after services in the past year. This was now the perfect moment to strengthen our competence in these areas,” Henri continues.

The CEO of Prodman, Harri Pendolin, is enthusiastic about the change: “Together, Prodman and Contribyte can help organizations create even better products and services for their customers. We constantly remind our customers about not letting the silo mentality take control over product management. Similarly, it is natural for the product management consultants to cooperate closely with the product development consultants.”

What Does the Merger Mean in Practice?

The product management business operations of Prodman were incorporated into Contribyte from 1 February 2017 onwards, and the entire staff of Prodman was transferred to Contribyte. All Prodman’s current services and training will also be offered under the Contribyte brand. Along with the deal, Contribyte will gain three top experts in product management and strategy consulting who have, e.g., created the first product management training program in Finland, trained hundreds of product managers, and consulted dozens of organizations on product projects.


Prodman Oy, established in 2009, is a company that concentrates on the development of product business in the technology and service industry. The mission of Prodman has been to improve the quality and prestige of Finnish product management in order to boost the prospect of success of Finnish products and services. Prodman’s vision is for our companies to not only be known for their technical innovations but also for products that solve the needs of customers in new ways. Products that the customers really want to buy. This vision will also be cherished at Contribyte.


Contribyte Oy, established in 2006, is a method-independent consultant company that provides operational methods for product development, tailor-made development tools, and new working methods, and helps its customers to rationalize their business-critical software development. Contribyte is owned by its employees, and it has been operating in a profitable and responsible way since the year of its establishment.


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